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Living in and around the abundant energy of the Dandenong Ranges I give myself to healing and love to my community and to myself

Jacqueline Glen

My name is Jacqueline Glen and l have been interested and drawn to esoteric studies, healing and selfcare for as long as l can remember. Spending time exploring different ways of healing, with natural therapies for mind, body and spirit.

I have a strong connection to the environment, especially caring for & understanding the importance of nature. Being a part of a Friends Group & taking part in many local environmental events.

I also plan, in the near future, to hold mediation classes amongst the trees.

Part time l work as teacher aide & hold a current working with children’s check. Due to this work experience and being a Reiki Master l also offer children the benefits of Reiki Healings.  The sessions are always shorter. Children, in general, are Reiki sponges and are extremely receptive to soaking up its balancing energies. Young children generally do not have emotional defences inside them that adults often do. Blockages and imbalances slow the flow of Reiki energies and normally children’s energies are less encumbered by energy blocks.

l understand the effects of anxiety & have found strategies that work for me with energy healing.   Due to the nature of the healings l do, l have been inspired to start a Holistic Counselling Dip. l am half way through and what l am learning is invaluable.  l have worked through & with grief .  I understand it is there & never really leaves us, but can be nurtured.

We all wear may hats in this life. l am wife, mother, carer, an active member of my community.  l understand that we need to take care of our own needs so we can care for others.

l am continually inspired & honoured by sharing healings with others – bearing witness to the positive change clients have after a session.  A lightness of being, an inner & outer glow. A whole shift in perspective. An absolute blessing. 

Take some time to smile from the inside out.


Massage and Reiki Belgrave


Massage and Reiki Belgrave


My Experience

Accredited Member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapies.)

Reiki Master/Teacher/ Practitioner

Certified Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi Massage

Certified Relaxation/Therapeutic Massage

Certified Indian Head Massage practitioner

Mediation Teacher Certificate

Crystal Guardian Certificate

Level 1 Crystal and Pendulum Course

Level 1 Reflexology

Certificate in Spiritual Awareness

Certificate lll Landcare and Conservation

Certificate VI Teacher Aide


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