Hawaiian Heart Works Lomi Lomi Massage
(women only)

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian concept of working with (Manu) life force and open heartedness (Aloha). It is a relaxing and therapeutic full body massage using long flowing continuous strokes that work deep into the muscle tissue, likened to the feeling of ‘waves washing over the body’.

Stimulating the lymphatic glands and meridian points, eliminating built up toxins in the body. It also improves circulation by dilating the blood cells. Massaging into the bodies trigger points. A water based/light Coconut massage oil is used.

It is a beautiful massage fully promoting relaxation, cleansing mind, body and spiritual well-being of the individual. Always with grace, in a nurturing, safe environment. (Women Only)
Jacqueline Glen


Hawaiian Heart Works Lomi Lomi Massage
(women only)

*Promotes Relaxation

*Trigger Point Release


* Encourages an inner glow and glowing complexion

*Improves Circulation

*Lymphatic Drainage 

*Reduces Anxiety 

*Muscle Release

*Detoxifies energy  blockages

*Encourages Mental Clarity


* Creates spiritual connections back to self for  healing

*Facial massage

*Full Body Massage

(Women Only)
Full hour Massage $100 1.5 hours $145
There is also an option for Therapeutic Relaxation Massage
1 hour $100
1.5hours $145


Indian Head Massage

This is a gentle therapeutic massage technique aimed at relieving stress and tension. This requires you to be sitting in an upright position. There are no oils used as you remain fully clothed. 

This form of massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper & lower arms, hands, neck scalp and gentle face. Using controlled rhythmic movements & also involves acupressure points called Marma. 

It helps relieve eye strain, ease headaches, relax and tones facial muscles.
Everyday tension will just slip away. 


Indian Head Massage


*Relieves Tension

*Promotes Relaxation

*Relieves Eye strain

*Releases Marma points

*Promotes hair growth

*Can boost memory

*Encourages a glowing complexion

*relief in restlessness insomnia

30minutes | $60
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